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Late 18th century


Decorated with Fuji and other mountains, pine trees, as well as geese flying over a body of water with boats, mura-nashiji clouds and some kirigane. Some elements seem to be of yamimakie, unsigned. The underside of three cases inscribed with the names of medicines. The cord holes with silver mounts and with a black hardstone ojime. The 19th century netsuke in the form of a snail with a leaf on its shell (possibly a reference to a haiku by Issa).


L. 8.7 cm


Two medicine names inscribed inside the Inro are 近邸盓炊”〔赤赤顗鴘云羲鞶賣齢”〔or Enrei-tan, the pill for elixir. The word enrei 磎齢 literally means “to extend life” and

懱磾磠 (懱磾毿{祀芰爬疙狀邸) Choji-gan [The Choji herb pills].

A four-case black lacquer inro decorated with Mount Fuji

3.000,00 €Preço
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