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  • Will my order be insured for loss or damage during shipping?
    Yes, all items are insured unless discussed with you otherwise. We will contact you before shipping if there are any issues.
  • How can I be sure the object I purchased is in good condition?
    We, to the best of our knowledge, try to inspect our objects as thorough as possible for damages and/or restorations. If you do not enquiry about the condition, we will let you know about any flaws beforehand. We document the items before packing, so there cannot be any misunderstanding.
  • Do you guarantee authenticity of the objects?
    Yes we do, as members of the Dutch Royal Federation of Dealers in Old Art (KVHOK) and the International Federation of Art and Antique Dealers (CINOA). We abide the statutes of these federations and guarantee quality, authenticity and transparency. In the world of netsuke there is often discussion on the attribution of objects to certain artists. We only attribute when we are confident, and always in close communication with our advisor Max Rutherston. When an attribution happens to be incorrect, we will gladly reimburse. As we only attribute confidently, we would need three certified specialist's letters to do so.
  • Can you send elephant ivory objects to me when I don't live in a EU country?
    No, we cannot unfortunately. As of the 19th of January 2022, it is illegal to import/export and move elephant ivory, antique or not, in or out of the European Union. Only museums or institutions outside the EU can purchase elephant ivory items. This transaction will be validated by a separate commission. Find more information on the EU elephant ivory legislation here: Not sure if you live in the EU? To find a list of member-states click here:
  • Can you send objects made of ivory, but no elephant ivory, to me when I live outside the EU?
    Yes we can, but we would in most cases need to apply for a CITES export permit. When we have received this 'passport', you can apply for a CITES import permit in your country. We can be of aid with that, but it is your own responsibility in the end. To find more information about CITES, follow this link:
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