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Sell your netsuke with us.

Zebregs&Röell Netsuke is the right party to sell your netsuke or Japanese art to, or to consign with, as we have a wide clientele that has high standards and demands our expertise before purchasing. Prices with us are often higher than obtained at the auction but are not made public. With patience and great care, we will find the right buyer for your piece, without the pressure of time. We often charge a small commission or give you an amount that you will get once your object is sold. All in consultation with you.

When you would like to sell elephant ivory pieces, we would need you to obtain an EU CITES document, with which we can certainly be of aid. This seems a difficult procedure, but it's very easy.

Valuations and Age Certificates

To obtain EU CITES documents you need a legal provenance and a statement of age by a certified specialist. We can make this certificate for you at the rate of € 25,- per item.
Of course, when it is a large collection, the possibilities of an all-inclusive price can be discussed.

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