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Tokyo, circa 1960, signed Masatoshi

The jolly Dutchman carries a large hare slung over his back and tied to the double barrel of his riffle; the bullet hole is visible on the top of the poor hare’s head. The Dutchman’s pupils are inlaid in dark horn, as are the buttons of his coat. The hem of the coat shows finely engraved turbulent waves which appear to cause the front hem to flap open. The hare’s fur is finely engraved, and the expression is somewhat peaceful as the front paws exhibit rigor mortis.

The Dutchman stands proudly and is wearing an allonge wig, with finely carved curly hair beneath a broadly brimmed hat.


H. 7.8 cm


This netsuke is executed after a design by Masanao of Kyoto, currently residing in the collection of Dr. Joseph Kurstin, Miami.

Masatoshi is a 20th-century carver, carving in a wide variety of materials from wood to horn and ivory. He was patronised by the American collector and writer Raymond Bushell. In Bushell’s book The Art of Netsuke Carving (1981) Masatoshi states that he never carved an animal before 1960 (p. 62).


​​​​​​​Sidney L. Moss Ltd.
Collection June Schuerch, Santa Barbara

Marvelous Netsuke of Dutchman with Hare by Tokisada Nakamura Masatoshi

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