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Signed Homei, mid-19th century


Decorated in mainly gold and silver takamakie, on the face with a sinister looking archer wearing a broad brimmed hat, the reverse with a single large seal character, with an aventurine ojime. 


L. 5.2 cm

The large character on the reverse is  汸 Ho in Japanese reading, and “Fang, Pang, Fong or Pong” in original Chinese pronunciation. This character stands for an ancient river which appears in the (Shan Hai Jing) and 欬舝枔 (Nan Shan jing), the ancient Chinese classical texts. 

The figure is a probably a Chinese general who appears in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, 葀国礞 or the Sangokushi in Japanese reading, possibly Zhang Liang.  He stands ready to fight with bow and arrow and represents someone who mastered the art of War.

A small two-case fundame gold lacquer inro decorated with an archer

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