Circa 1820


The artist made smart use of the natural colour differences of the material, giving the beans an extremely realistic appearance, with a nice patina, attractive age cracks, and gloss. 


L. approx. 4.4 cm

Private collection, United Kingdom
With us, pre-2021


Another bean pod netsuke from the Behrens collection, illustrated in the catalogue of the Red Cross Exhibition, London, 1915, pl. LIV, no. 149


In Japanese folklore, beans of all types are considered to be symbols of good luck. Stewed kuromame (black beans) are served as part of the New Year’s osechi feast as a symbol of fertility, andosekihan (short-grain mochi rice with adzuki beans that is a bright reddish purple) is a festive dish at many events throughout the year.

Very fine netsuke of three Bean pods