Late 18th century, signed Uryo(?)


Lying side by side with one leg extended, the guardians are carved, with grotesque fleshy features almost looking lifelike, with extreme detail, making use of the natural grain of the wood to empower curving in body parts like the feet, of which one foot restored.

- The Walter L. Behrens Collection
- Siegfried Bing, Walter L. Behrens and  Lt.-Col. J. Bellhouse Gaskell collections, auction, London, March 1926, no. 776 (group lot, ill.)
- Noble collection, the Netherlands


- Joly, Behrens Collection, no. 366, pl. XI (ill.) (the signature given as Kanemitsu)

- Meinertzhagen Card Index, p. 84 (ill.) (under Gyokan), and p. 772 (under Shuko)
(In the earlier entry, Meinertzhagen lists the damage to two toes of the exposed foot)

Extremely Fine and Powerful Wood Netsuke of two Recumbent Nio