Edo, circa 1800

The artist’s individual take on the Tengu, entirely different from those of Toyomasa and his followers, seen in this catalogue. Jobun’s creation is a timid depressive, crouching in its shell, rather than rising out of it. Eye pupils inlaid in dark material. 

Height: 4 cm

For a discussion of Jobun’s tengu and illustrations of several, see Milton Stratos’s article on the artist in International Netsuke Society Journal, 22/1, pp. 16-17, the present netsuke illustrated as n° 7


- Sydney L. Moss, Myth, Reality and Magical Transformation, n° 18

- Idem, Outside the Box , n°16

- S.L. Moss advertisement in International Netsuke Society Journal, 26/2, p.32


- Sydney L. Moss, 2004, from whom purchased by the present owner, the result of a sleight of hand by Max Rutherston
- Private collection, France (consigned to Max Rutherston ltd.)

Boxwood Netsuke of Tengu no Tamago, signed and by Jobun

  • This netsuke is in the EU, consigned to Max Rutherston