Kyoto, circa 1800


Huddled close together, the mother resting a paw protectively on the back of the buck leveret. The eyes of bone with pupils of mid-toned translucent buffalo horn. Natural himotoshi.


The Okatomo signature is generally considered to have been added later.


Length: 5.2 cm


This netsuke is familiar to many, not only for its publication by Raymond Bushell and Paul Moss (op. cit), but also because of the appearance on the London market of a poor copy, publicly denounced by Paul’s father Geoffrey in the Journal of the International Netsuke Collectors’ Society, 5/2, p. 38.



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- B.K. Denton, Yokahama and St. Louis, 1971

- St James’ Gallery, Zurich, 1988

- Sydney L. Moss, London, 1989

- European collection, 1989-2005

- Sydney L. Moss, London, 2005, where purchased by the present French owner

- Private collection, France (consigned to Max Rutherston ltd.)

Rare Boxwood Netsuke of a Hare and Young, by Yamaguchi Okatomo

  • This netsuke is in the EU, consigned to Max Rutherston