Circa 1820

Archaically but well carved, holding his uchiwa fan and staff, smooth to the touch and with a nice patina.


L. approx. 3.8 cm

With Max Rutherston LTD, London

With us, pre-2021


In Japan, Fukurokuju (福禄寿; from Japanese fuku, "happiness"; roku, "wealth"; and ju, "longevity") is one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology. It has been theorized that he is a Japanese assimilation of the Chinese Three Star Gods (Fu Lu Shou) embodied in one deity. Most related in appearance to the Chinese star god Shou, he is the God of wisdom and longevity. According to some, before attaining divinity, he was a Chinese hermit of the Song Dynasty and a reincarnation of the Taoist Deity, Xuantian Shangdi. It is said that during his human incarnation, he was a sennin; a immortal who could exist without eating food.

Netsuke of the old man Fukurokuju