Circa 1900

The large grey stained ship on a base of curly waves, the sail intricately engraved, the figures with great detail, very complex and entertaining okimono.


L. approx. 7 cm

Private collection, United Kingdom
With us, pre-2021



Takarabune (treasure ship) is the sailing ship on which Shichifukujin (Seven Deities of Good Luck) and treasures are loaded, or the picture that depicts the scene. It is also a season word that represents New Year.

They say there are various treasures such as corals, gold and silver, and jewelry are loaded on Takarabune. Therefore, Takarabune is considered to be an auspicious ship, and figures that depict Shichifukujin (Seven Deities of Good Luck) on board of this ship are popular as lucky charms. The kanji character '獏' (baku), which is mythological Chinese chimera similar to a tapir, said to devour bad dreams, is sometimes written on its sail.


Okimono of the Ship with Lucky Gods (Takarabune)